Wet Sock Treatment

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Scenario: my husband has been sick with strep throat, my boys both have green snotty noses with deep chesty coughs, I have not slept in days as I sleep beside a raging animal (a.k.a. my husband snoring), I went for my remicade infusion (total immune suppressant) on Monday and I am busy running between work and home organizing to leave for vacation on Friday morning. I knew it was coming, I have felt the tickle in my head for the past 3 days and then last night on my way home from work, “it” hit – the virus finally made its way to me.
I hate being sick and that’s mostly because when I do get sick, I get REALLY sick as my immune system is so compromised from the meds I take for ‪crohns‬ and ‪‎colitis‬.
Rather than let this virus get the best of me and ruin the first leg of my trip, I crawled into bed last night at 8 and put on my “WET SOCKS” .
Before you shut down this idea as an old wives tale, understand how it works:
Our bodies are always striving toward homeostasis, so when we put cold wet socks on warm feet, the body responds with a rush of blood to the area to warm up what has become cold. The wet-sock treatment stimulates systemic circulation which in turn, fuels the immune system to work overtime to fight acute colds and viruses.
Ready to give it a try? Here’s what you do:
1) Find 1 pair of cotton socks and 1 pair of wool socks.
2) Warm your feet up in a hot bath.
3) Completely wet the cotton socks in cold water and then ring them out so they’re no longer dripping.
4) Put on the wet socks and then cover with the wool socks.
5) Close your eyes and fall asleep. You will wake up with dry socks and reduced symptoms. On the side, “wet socks” promotes improved sleep and has been used as a treatment for insomnia.
6) For best results, use this treatment 3 nights in a row.
Definitely worth a try – quick, easy, can be done at home, kid-friendly and cost effective. Start boosting your immune system tonight!
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