“When my doctor recommended I lose 40 pounds I was very nervous. It was more weight than I’d ever lost before and I wasn’t exactly sure where to start. He also said not to try and go it alone – that I would need support from a nutritionist in order to actually make the weight loss happen. I am so grateful that he provided me with Marni’s information and she was able to work with me.

Marni is such a positive and non-judgmental presence – she made it easy for me to be honest about the challenges I saw with losing that much weight and had great concrete recommendations for changing my behaviours in positive ways. Having Marni’s guidance in the form of her initial wellness plan and the ongoing support and check-ins were a huge part of my ability to make the changes I needed to succeed.
When my motivation was feeling low a couple of months into my plan, talking with Marni helped reinvigorate me and encouraged me to keep going.I credit Marni’s help with my ability to meet (and even exceed!) my weight loss goal. I couldn’t have done it without her. Thank you Marni!”