My primary goal in the beginning was to lose 15-20 lbs but also to really work on anniversary health and wellness plan. Marni was very on point and understanding. She took the time during our initial meeting toreally understand my goals, what made me tick and what potential triggers were.  Marni put together a program for me that would fit my lifestyle and drive the behaviours on the things I needed to change and be aware of. She provided ongoing support and motivation through  my journey and was always available to encourage me and refocus me when I  get off track. I love her accountability program of daily support.

The overall result is that I achieved my weight loss goal - although Iam pushing for a few more. More importantly my doctor and other healthcare providers I have visited have told me that my health, bloodwork, blood pressure and oxygenation of blood is that of someone considerably younger and to keep doing whatever I am doing. 

I would not hesitate to recommend Marni to anyone looking for a sound health and wellness or weight loss program. Sue