Empower Yourself

All Sessions consider health history, eating habits, exercise routine, current medications and supplements, bowel habits, work and stress levels.
I want to learn all about YOU! This is not a quick fix, this is a lifestyle change that will work and be sustainable in your life.
You will be provided with education and an understanding of nutrition, lifestyle and supplement habits to empower your journey to personal health and wellness.

The Benefits

The benefits of following a personalized health plan are endless and include eliminating symptoms, feeling stronger, increasing energy, improving emotional state and looking and feeling your absolute best; from the inside out.

Package Options

Intro to Empowerment | $300

Whats included:

  • Initial Consult | A detailed health assessment followed by a personalized plan with recommendations for diet, lifestyle and supplements
  • 2 – follow up sessions
  • 1 week meal plan to meet your unique needs and goals*
  • Regular Accountability**

Build your own Empowerment

  • Initial Consult | $150 | A detailed health assessment followed by a personalized health plan with diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations.
  • Follow up sessions | $80 | Follow up sessions are an opportunity to review progress, discuss concerns, make appropriate changes based on progress and plan next steps.  The frequency of follow up sessions will be dependent on individual need and will be discussed together during the initial consult.
  • Weekly meal plan* $95 per week

* Frustrated with always having to think on your feet about what to make? Tired of being a short-order cook for your family? Having trouble incorporating or eliminating specific foods? Weekly meal plans take the guesswork out of it, and are customized to you, your family and your lifestyle.

**Changing your regular habits and routine takes time, dedication and courage.  Having someone available to support and keep you on track is often the missing piece to success. During our time together,  I will be available to provide ongoing support, education, guidance encouragement and laugher through a variety of strategies.  My role is to be the missing piece to achieving optimal health and wellness.


More Empowerment Options

Grocery Store Tour

Cruise your favorite grocery store and learn how to make healthy food choices and how to read nutrition labels. Learn how to navigate the store; to be efficient yet; still picking up everything on your list.  During this session, together we will create a grocery list that will follow your meal plan and keep you aligned with your personal goals.


Kitchen Clean Out

Learn what is in your kitchen that is preventing you from moving forward in your journey to health and wellness. We will go through your fridge and cupboards and get rid of the foods that may be compromising your health. You will learn how to read and understand food labels so you are always making the best choice for you.


In-house Cooking Fiesta

Make the kitchen safe and fun; a place that you can take care of yourself in. Learn how to cook meals that enhance your goals; meals that are quick, easy and can be batched for weeks to come. I will come to your kitchen to share my top cooking tips, some of my go-to recipes and even help prepare some meals that you can enjoy and/or freeze for later.

Price to be discussed

Uncertain what you need and how I can help? Call to set up a free 15 minute phone consult.

Sessions can take place at your house, at my office or via Skype.